Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cold Stare/Sociopathic stare photogpraphs

There arn't any blog or websites hosting pictures of people with cold stares, predatory stare,sociopath stare or just intense eye focusing so I made this out of boredom. Its likely il update.

Science says its 100% possible to become physically effected by cold stares

For every congenial character who can warm a room, there’s another who can bring a draft from the north, a whiff of dead winter. And even if the thermometer doesn’t register the difference, people do: social iciness feels so cold to those on the receiving end that they will crave a hot drink, a new study has found.
Just as spreading a bad rumor can make people feel literally dirty, so did research subjects who felt socially excluded perceive a significantly lower room temperature than those who felt included.
“We know that being excluded is psychologically painful,” said the lead author, Chen-Bo Zhong, a psychologist at the University of Toronto, “and here we found that it feels just like it’s described in metaphors,” like icy stare and frosty reception.

John Bargh, a psychologist at Yale who was not involved in the research, said the finding made “perfect sense.” In an e-mail message, he noted that a brain region called the insula tracks both body temperature and general psychological states, and it may be here where social perceptions and sensations of warmth or coldness are fused.

I don't know what my "take" on Reptilians is at the moment but I do know most photographs of people in power have piercing eyes or have perfected a cold controlling stare which is mistaken today as a sexual stare.

Pope Benedict

Maryland Politician eyes (Looks like my dog)

 John.D Rockefeller

 George Lamb (TV Presenter) In my opinion there are a million other tv presenters that could present the tv show "The Bank Job" on channel 4 much better. He creeps me out and im not afraid to say it. Such emotional disconnect from all the contestants on the show but in no way is he doing evil.

  Charles Manson

Jeffery Dahmer (Same mouth expression in all pictures)

(Baby photograph)

Andrei Chikatilo  (All google images photos have him with crazier eyes)

 Related to each other - (bloodlines that go way back)



               More about Social Sociopaths

The best read on Sociopaths "What lies beneath those eyes":
The blog is called The Mask Of Sanity and its also a book
Website link below: is a website by Donna Andersen who wrote a book called "Love Fraud" which is an amazing book! /.  She writes a short article on the controlling stare of a sociopath and what the stare with no blink actually means, what their thinking etc. She really knows her stuff.
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